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This portrait documents an in depth afternoon conversation between Frederike and Bobby, reflecting on the journey of the creation of "WE RISE When We Lift Each Other Up", the personal impact it had on us and where we are going from here.

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„Frederike’s songs combine the personal and the universal, asking for reflection and appreciation.“

– Ben van Gelder

FRÉ is a Dutch-German jazz/artpop band led by singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Frederike Berendsen. The group creates an uplifting, social musical experience, moving and connecting with its audience through earnest stories of self-reflection and an astonishing awareness for the world around us.

Drawing upon influences from genre-bending artists like Esperanza Spalding, Joni Mitchell and Björk, FRÉ strives to take a similar route in their music – open, courageous and ready to find inspiration in unexpected places. Their curiosity, drive and appreciation for the arts and for each other is the foundation of their captivating sound which deeply draws you into their minds and music.

From the beginning, the four friends found the band to be not solely a musical project, but a caring community of highly creative and deliberate individuals. FRÉ evolved and grew together, especially through the release of their debut album „Nature’s Songs“ (Fattoria Musica Records, 2017), featuring acclaimed guest soloists Florian Weber and Ben van Gelder. They brought their music to clubs, theaters and festivals in the Netherlands, Northern-Ireland, Italy and Germany (including a concert at Moers Festival 2018), shared the stage with the bands personal heroine Becca Stevens and performed live on BBC Radio.

During an extensive stay in Harlem, New York City, Frederike started working on FRÉ´s next musical voyage: „We Rise (When We Lift Each Other Up)“ Throughout this very personal collection of music, she shares stories and feelings of how she was shaped and influenced by growing up in a family that was coping with separation, illness and loss but at the same time never lost their strife for happiness and connection. Looking back on times of grief, joy, unconditional love, heartache, unshakable optimism and a lot of music, she explores her own evolution, reflects on different relationships and investigates how particular experiences and decisions made her the woman she is today.

Willing to face those memories together, FRÉ is presenting music that is deeply personal yet profoundly universal. It’s an ode to those who raised them, inspired them, watched over them, loved them and supported them till this day and from this day forward.

„We Rise (When We Lift Each Other Up)“ was recorded this Summer in Osnabrück, New York City and Babberich and will be performed live throughout 2019 and 2020.