What content can I expect?

We will inform you about all things related to our band, especially new content on our website, projects we are involved in, upcoming events and information about our music and merch, as well as content we ourselves find interesting.

Email distribution by Active Campaign

Our newsletter is sent via the email service “Mailchimp“, which also stores the e-mail addresses and other information for sending and the analysis of the newsletter.

Statistics and performance measurement

In order to optimize the newsletter for you, you agree to our analysis, with which we measure how often the newsletter is opened and on which links the readers click.

How often do you send mails?

We will send you a mail about twice a month. The actual frequency may vary and is tied to our band activities and the amount of new material.

Double Opt-In and Opt-Out

On the first subscription, you will receive a so called double opt-in email, in which you will be asked to confirm your subscription. You can object to receiving the newsletter at any time (opt-out), by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of every newsletter or in the double opt-in email.

Data protection information

Detailed information on the sending procedure and the statistics as well as on your revocation options can be found in our privacy policy.