While I share some of my process on Instagram and Facebook, there’s so much going on in the studio and behind the scenes that feels way too vulnerable to share there. That’s why I started a Patreon. To create a safe space to share demos, poetry, thoughts, artworks, ideas, jokes and live recordings.

If you sign up to become a patron at any level, you become part of my fan-mily and creative team. I’m going to share my process as unfiltered and authentic as possible and will upload a brand new demo at least once a month, written & played by yours truly.




After releasing their first album “Nature’s Songs“ on CD, FRÉ decided not to release any more vinyl or CDs until a real, biodegradable alternative is available. “WE RISE” is therefore being released as an art-edition, limited to 315 copies, that avoids all plastic. The limited edition is an extensive work of art, printed on the highest-quality recycled paper, which makes the theme of the album tangible and adds a whole new visual layer to the music. With the same format as a typical LP sleeve, it also fits perfectly in record collections. Designed by FRÉ’s drummer Lukas ‘Bobby’ Büning, FRÉ proofs that a modern, green music product can keep up with even the most ambitious collectors editions, and recently received the 3voor12 award for Best Artwork. Download code, 16 postcards, designed individually for each song, lyrics, credits and liner notes, included.